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What Motivates You?

One of the most gratifying things about authentic self-connection is gaining a better understanding of who you are, what matters to you, and how you like or don’t…

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How Do We Experience Connection to Work?

Did you know that most of us will spend about one-third of our lives working? That’s 90,000 hours on average. Yet too often, people treat work as a…

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Do You Know and Live Your Values?

As a society, we constantly talk about our “values,” as if we as individuals (or we as a country) actually know what those values are. If you had…

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Living in Alignment: Are Urgent Tasks Getting In Your Way?

Modern life is full of urgent demands on our time…besides the usual deadlines for school and work, there are bills to pay, family activities to plan (and do),…

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Communicate More Mindfully Through Clear Intention

Mindful communication can create more intimacy in our relationships and deepen our levels of self-connection, but communicating wisely in every situation can be a challenge. One tool that…

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How To Reclaim Your Time and Live With Intention

Do you often find yourself at the end of the day wondering what happened to your time? Does it feel like you never have enough time to do…

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What Does it Mean to Live With Intention?

Aligning your actions and behaviors with your priorities is the ultimate goal of authentic connection. Living in alignment means you have integrated your values and your daily reality.…

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Finding True Alignment with a Strong Connection to Self

Alignment is the ultimate goal of genuine connection. It is the physical manifestation of what it feels and looks like to be connected with yourself and living in…

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