Connected Veterans

Rediscovering meaning and purpose in life creates a place of tremendous solace and productive growth for veterans. Our connection-promoting techniques help veterans to focus attention, reduce stress and anxiety, and enable open-hearted engagement with themselves and their loved ones.

Connected Youth

Learning to recognize and reclaim our authentic selves combats the withdrawal and disconnection we so often see in kids today. By teaching youth how to reconnect with themselves and discover their own voices, we empower them to be happier, more functional kids—and ultimately, happy, well-adjusted adults.

Connected Parenting

For most of us, parenting is the most important job we will ever do—but also the most challenging. Our connection techniques offer parents the tools they need to cultivate close, loving, and trusting relationships with their children, while maintaining their own well-being and authenticity.

Connection Coaching

Our world of always-on communication blocks true connection at nearly every turn. But habits and techniques of connection give us an arsenal to fight back—building up our resistance with grounding rituals and daily practices, and mastering techniques to stop disconnection in its tracks.

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