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Simplifying Connection Through The Gentle Art of Death Cleaning

Much of Connection Theory is about simplifying and streamlining your existence, so that we can more easily glide into a connected life rich with meaning. Many books have…

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How to Make a Great Day Even Greater

We’ve been doing a series of blog posts on how to cultivate more meaning in everyday life, because it is the single most powerful way to experience a…

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Everyone has heard the expression “You can’t buy happiness,” but I suspect that on some level most people don’t actually believe it’s true. If we just had enough…

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2 Tips for Finding Meaning Where There Is None

One of the most important skills in our quest to infuse more meaning and joy into your life is being able to make meaning – especially in activities…

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How To Reclaim Your Time and Live With Intention

Do you often find yourself at the end of the day wondering what happened to your time? Does it feel like you never have enough time to do…

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2 Tips for Cultivating More Meaning in Your Life

Cultivating more meaning in our lives is the primary way to fast-track feeling more connected to yourself, your purpose, and those around you. This is why we spend…

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How Meaningful Is Your Life?

Human beings are hard-wired to seek meaning in our lives. It’s something we all crave and yearn for, and research shows that having high levels of meaning in…

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Why The Pursuit of Happiness Is a Fool’s Errand

How many times have you heard someone say their life’s goal is just to be happy? Or a parent say all they really want is for their kids…

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Connect With the Meaning In Your Life

Many people are drawn to connection theory because they feel such a lack of meaning and purpose in their lives. They don’t feel their daily lives are contributing…

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