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How to Stay Connected to Yourself, Others and to What Matters in a Time of COVID-19

With new information emerging every day about the COVID-19 pandemic, and huge numbers of people ordered to stay home to prevent its spread, this is one of the…

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Change Your Use Of Technology To Lead A More Connected Life

Digital communication is a seductress that invites us to disconnect from ourselves, our present moment, and the people around us more completely than anything else. Several reports suggest…

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Podcasts: Technology That Helps Cultivate Connection

Podcasts are one of the most accessible and effective technological tools to help us nurture connection in our busy daily lives. These free, easy-to-access audio recordings can help…

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How Smartphones Hijack Our MindsĀ And What We Can Do About It

You know the feeling…the tidal pull from the pit of your stomach that urges you to peek at your smartphone every time you hear a notification roll in.…

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