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Simplifying Connection Through The Gentle Art of Death Cleaning

Much of Connection Theory is about simplifying and streamlining your existence, so that we can more easily glide into a connected life rich with meaning. Many books have…

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In Praise of Slowing Down

One of the most fascinating and compelling books we’ve read on the importance of slowing down is Carl Honoré’s In Praise of Slow: Challenging the Cult of Speed.…

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How Smartphones Hijack Our Minds And What We Can Do About It

You know the feeling…the tidal pull from the pit of your stomach that urges you to peek at your smartphone every time you hear a notification roll in.…

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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Everyone has heard the expression “You can’t buy happiness,” but I suspect that on some level most people don’t actually believe it’s true. If we just had enough…

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The More of Less: How Minimalism Fosters Connection

On some level, we all know that having more possessions doesn’t necessarily make us happier. It might seem like buying that shiny new whatever will boost our spirits…

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The Surprising Power of Hand Crafts

Lots of people think of traditional hand crafts as old-fashioned, outdated activities that only spinster aunts and tottering grandmothers should be doing. We have machines to do that…

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Which Do You Prioritize: Urgent or Important?

If you’re like most people, you probably spend most of your time handling the urgent demands of life, and the rest of your time doing things that don’t…

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Connecting Through Simplicity

Simplicity is one of the most effective tools for cultivating connection—and a more joyful, present way of life. Henry David Thoreau often observed that when our lives are…

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Is Connection the Cure for Depression?

According to Dr. John Ratey, who is a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, practicing psychiatrist, and author of seven books on brain functioning, yes!…

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