Establishing a strong connection with and awareness of your body is an essential part of improving your overall connection to yourself. Becoming aware of how your physical body feels, and what it needs for optimal health and well-being will help you thrive – living every day with a sense of vitality, confidence, and self-worth.

As with most connection work, we start the process of body awareness by posing a question: “Am I feeling connected right now?” Your answers to this can help you to access a pure and authentic awareness of what’s happening on a surface level, but going deeper to what your body actually needs may take a little more digging. For some of us, who have lived disconnected from our bodies since childhood, it can feel like raising the Titanic from its cold and lonely depths. Try asking yourself the following questions to drill down beneath the surface in key areas, and find out where you may be disconnected from your physical needs.

  1. Do I know the type and amount of food and rest I require to be at my best?

  2. Do I feel exquisitely alive from head to toe when I am physically moving?

  3. Have I been ignoring something my body needs to feel truly healthy?

You may be surprised to learn that most adults deny themselves proper self-care every day through their sleep, diet, and exercise habits, and pay the price both physically and emotionally as a result. Fortunately, you don’t have to become a health and well-being guru in all areas of life to experience deeper connection. But, you do need to be awake to the holistic view of the many parts of yourself, scanning for your blind spots and bringing an intention to move the needle ever so slightly in each area of your life.

Find Better Health and Well-Being Through Self-Connection

With gentle persistence and a clear intention to understand “why” you treat yourself the way you do, you can turn around the ebbing tide of body-mind disconnection, and flood your life with a full, mindful and joyful sense of connection.

When your body feels in balance, you’ll notice you’re able to sense your muscles, joints, veins, and lungs at work. You can savor the joy of subtle (or intense) movement and experience the wonder of flexibility, coordination, strength, power, and grace.

Improving our physical connection helps us acknowledge, honor, care for, and stay in touch with our most primal needs, and it leads to rich and deep satisfaction. No matter what the state of your body is now, you can begin to understand what it needs to operate at its best.

With a little practice, you may even begin to crave the powerfully connected feelings that come from experiencing your body in sublime motion and start honoring your body, instead of combating it.

Connect To Your Health And Open The Pathway To Your Soul

As you may have realized, connection of any kind begets more connection. Cultivating connection in one area of your life will trickle over and catalyze spontaneous connection in other areas of your life. Unfortunately, the same is true for disconnection; it will be difficult to connect deeply with yourself if you are neglecting to understand and listen to what your body needs.

So take a little time today to pose the question and identify any significant areas of self-care that you may be neglecting. By understanding and then course-correcting any self-destructive behaviors, you’ll open the door to a profound and holistic sense of health and well-being.


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