If you’re lucky, you might feel you have relatively good relationships and a decent job, and are more or less living in control of your life. Things are pretty good. But do you feel like you are really in touch with your deepest, wildest longings? Do you even allow yourself to think about what your heart truly yearns for at your core? Do you know what your deepest truths and values are, and are you living your life in alignment with those truths?

For most people, the answer to some (or all) of these questions is no.  We’ve led our lives as a series of compromises, telling ourselves that it’s not possible to get what our true heart desires, and so this other things will do just fine. So many citizens of our digital age are emotionally shut down, blocked or drifting. We feel our lives are lacking in some huge undefined way, but we tell ourselves that this is as good at it gets. Living in a civilized nation with a roof over our head, food on our table, and friends to keep us company, there are few safe places to talk about how we yearn for more. Our existential angst is blown off as ungrateful #firstworldproblems, and we are shamed back into our daily lives.

This sense of disconnection is an epidemic that I believe affects most adults in the modern world… and that is beginning to plague our youth more each day. Greater happiness is what we think we all need, but research shows what we truly need is a sense of authenticity, purpose, and meaning. We achieve this through connection… tapping into our true, authentic selves and living according to the values that we hold closest to our hearts.

Are you living your best self? Do you know what your purpose is? Do you cherish every day as an opportunity to live your values?

If not, it’s time to reconnect.


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