Hello there! Welcome to the Purpose Project. We’re a San Francisco-based research lab and community resource for cultivating authentic, meaningful lives—what we call “connected living.” We want to find out what makes people feel more connected, more authentic, and more purposeful, and then teach what we’ve discovered to others.

We’ve got an in-house psych research lab—The Connection Lab—that explores what connection is, means and does. Our team of psychology professionals creates original studies, and reviews other people’s research on life satisfaction, and specific ways to help people feel more authentic and fulfilled. We firmly believe in the scientific method, and don’t base our recommendations on cultish faith systems or wishful thinking.

Our team writes white papers, books, and this blog to share our findings and ideas. We also offer workshops and coaching on connection for youth, parents, veterans, and pretty much everyone else.

And, most importantly, we’re 100% not for profit. Our goal is the betterment of humankind… teaching the world the mental habits and practices that make every day a joyful and rewarding experience. Because an authentically connected world is a better world for us all.

We’re looking for hard-working people who share our passion and commitment. If you’re a psychology intern or post-doctoral candidate interested in joining our team, drop us an email!


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