Alignment is the ultimate goal of genuine connection. It is the physical manifestation of what it feels and looks like to be connected with yourself and living in harmony with your deepest truths. It is also the source of our greatest satisfaction and peace of mind.

More often than not, we live out of alignment…working at a job that undercuts our values, staying in relationships that smother our true selves, making choices about our time that neglect the people and things we care about most. This type of existence can make us feel cynical, hopeless, angry, self-loathing, and generally unsatisfied with our lives.

When you live in alignment, your thoughts and behaviors match your priorities, values, and beliefs, and there is no longer a need to chase after anything in life. By living thoughtfully and intentionally, you can become someone of character, with the daily courage to live by your deepest values. As you begin to truly connect and align with yourself, you will start experiencing life in new ways .

  • You underlying sense of scarcity disappears, and you start to believe in life’s bountiful abundance.

  • The life you used to feel was a treadmill, is now an exciting and vital journey.

  • Each act of your day is tied to a clear intention that holds meaning for you. You’ve stopped frittering away your time and energy.

  • Your sense of time has slowed down and feels more plentiful because it’s being spent wisely and purposefully.

  • Feelings of ambivalence are replaced by clarity of where you stand and what you need.

  • Your fear of mortality has diminished, and you ┬áno longer feel like you’re living a wasted existence.

Connection To Self Through Ongoing Vigilance

Nurturing the ability to live in alignment with your priorities is an ongoing journey. It’s something you must tend each day by vigilantly saying “no” to activities that do not fit you, and “yes” to activities that align with your soul. It’s something to put brief thought into each morning when you wake up, and every night before you go to bed.

Living mindfully means asking yourself: Did my actions and activities match my priorities and beliefs today? Is there anything I need to change to improve? It’s a level of integrity that you hold yourself to, and strive never to lose sight of. And when you do lose sight of it, as we all inevitably will, we must compassionately course correct, and recommit to our vision. The lessons we take from each day’s failings help us learn: we start to notice chronic areas of misalignment, and how we can more effectively harmonize them with our values.

Open The Door To A Stronger Connection With Self

By practicing aligned living and mentally engaging with who you are, where you are and how connected you feel, you take control of your life. From this place of self-connection, you will be empowered to make insightful observations about yourself, consider new options, and become curious about your situation. Finding alignment will transform you from a passive follower to an active leader of your life. All of this enables expanded thinking, more creative problem solving, and inspired action in accordance with your beliefs.

Once you know who you are and what you stand for, and align your daily life with those values on both macro and micro levels, you achieve a stable and sustainable sense of well-being that transcends ordinary happiness. Living from a place of alignment honors yourself and your most profound truths, sending a powerful message to yourself that you are worthy and that you matter.

I believe there is no greater, faster, more potent way to live an authentically connected life than acting in alignment with your priorities.


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