Tapping into your creative instinct is an amazing, enjoyable way to connect with yourself and others. We’ve put together a list of helpful things to keep in mind as you cultivate your own deep connection to creativity. But ultimately, the only thing you really have to remember is: put down your judgment and get creative!

  1. Expand your definition of creativity to include all facets of life. Creativity hides in cooking and gardening and photography and so many other unexpected places.
  2. Get out of your well-worn creative paths and push yourself into uncharted territory. Try a new medium and don’t be stingy with yourself. You have a right to express your inner truth.
  3. Bring intention and mindful awareness to your creative activities, savoring the process and connection to your higher consciousness. If you stay present and really inhabit the experience of what you’re doing, you’ll find you feel deeply connected.
  4. Learn your typical blocks to creativity. Stay away from comparison, self-judgment, and good/bad dichotomies. Trust that everyone and every piece has an ugly stage stick with it through and past that phase.
  5. Schedule time for creativity. Creative time is seldom viewed as an urgent need, but it is crucially important. Make time and space for it to happen regularly on your calendar. What gets scheduled gets done!

Open Yourself To Others With Creative Expression

It’s really true. We humans instinctively admire and feel a sense of closeness towards total strangers when we witness expressions from their soul. Like sharing vulnerability, sharing artistic expression is endearing and it draws us into connection with the world. Whether we spy a series of careful rock piles by the lake, discover an evocative rainbow of graffiti in the inner city, or stumble upon somebody’s elaborate sandcastle at the beach, it is always arresting to us. On some fundamental level, we instinctively recognize and appreciate the true value, meaning, and beauty of even the tiniest creative expression.  

For all of these reasons, discovering, amplifying and cultivating your inherent creativity is one of the most important pathways for connecting deeply with your spirit, while also opening yourself up for more connection with others. As a tool for cultivating deep connection in a variety of contexts, creative expression is hard to beat!


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